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Mini Site Manager

Create an unlimited number of Multi-page Mini Sites without any html experience!

With the recent changes introduced by Google Adwords many affiliate marketers are seeking out new ways to produce their click through sales and Mini Sites are growing rapidly in popularity. While your competitors are still scratching their heads trying to learn html and working through the ins and outs of hosting, you can jump ahead and have multiple mini sites online in minutes with Mini Site Manager.

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What exactly is Mini Site Manager?

First of all, you DO NOT need any web design or technical skills to use Mini Site Manager!

Mini Site Manager is a set of php scripts which can be uploaded to any standard web hosting account. A list of recommended Web Hosting Companies is available by clicking here. We offer a full installation service.

After installation you'll have an easy user interface where you can create multiple mini web sites by simply filling in a form. The form lets you choose your page colors, upload a logo if desired, choose fonts and font colors and enter keywords for your mini site. Each mini site can have it's own name, color scheme, keywords and logo. Once you've add this basic information you can then create a single or multiple pages for your mini web site using a WYSIWYG editor very similar to a word processor. You can easily add images to your pages, links, email links or simply copy and paste affiliate links from any of your associated affiliate programs.

There are help icons beside every field so you can never get stuck and you're guided through the whole process from start to the completion of your first mini site.

Check out our demo system and see for yourself by clicking here (User:demo Password:password)


Mini Site Manager Features

  • Create an Unlimited Number of Mini Sites
  • 100% Web based
  • Easy User Interface
  • Search Engine Friendly URLS
  • Meta Tag Control (for search engine crawlers)
  • Real Time Content Management
  • Easy Image Uploader
  • Real Time Content Management
  • WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • Font Control
  • Mini Site / Page Preview
  • URL Generator
  • Automatic Menu Generation
  • All Sites Menu
  • Comprehensive Help
  • Fast PHP/MySql design
  • Installation Service

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    Demo (User:demo Password:password)

  • Main Features in Detail

    Unlimited Number of Mini Sites
    With Mini Site Manager you can create an unlimited number of Mini Sites. A complete list of your sites is provided in the main system under "My Mini Sites" with simple icons to add mini sites, edit mini site settings, delete mini sites and add pages.

    Easy User Interface
    The simple to use interface makes it easy to navigate your way round your Mini Sites with simple icons and comprehensive help information for every field. You are led through the who process for adding your site to previewing your final pages.

    Search Engine Friendly URLs
    Mini Site Manager generates search engine friendly URLs. With dynamic websites your URLs may look something like:
    Though very functional, some search engines won't crawl these types of URLs. With Mini SIte Manager all the URLs are converted to:
    Now all your URLs will be crawled by the search engines.

    Meta Tag Control
    For every mini site you create you can also enter a your own meta tag information for the site title, description and a keyword list. Again this helps with search engine indexing of pages.

    All Sites Menu
    For Affiliates trying drive traffic to their click thoughs the All Sites Menu is a great tool. For each mini site you create there is an option to "Show Left Menu". If you select this option then a complete list of all your mini sites will be displayed in a left hand column of each page with easy linking through to your other sites. This is the perfect solution for cross marketing your other mini sites and highly increases the possibility of getting a click though from your website visitor.

    WYSIWYG Editor
    The WYSIWYG Editor is an easy to use interface for designing your web pages. Just like a word processor you can add text, change fonts, colors, sizes, alignment and control layout. It even includes an easy image upload system. Just upload your images and they are immediately available for you to include anywhere in your web page.

    System Requirements
    Mini Site manager requires PHP, MySQL and an Apache Webserver. All of these are standards for any hosting package. A list of pre-approved and recommended hosting companies are available by clicking here.

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